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Safe spaces for innovation

Atelier 27 is a monthly workshop organised by the 27th Region with 4 to 7 people, including civil servants from the Regions, politicians, experts and citizens. Participants raise their own questions, and by the end of the day, participants are expected to produce visualized scenarios and proposals. Questions vary but have included: how can Regional decision-making processes in the regeneration of old schools be improved? What would a city with 3,000 inhabitants look like in 2030? How would you go about introducing an environmentally friendly tram (above)? More broadly, Atelier 27 aims to develop a culture of co-creation, creativity, design thinking and visualisation in public authorities. Image courtesy of the 27th Region.

One example of a 'safe space' for innovation is the 27th Region in France. There are 26 administrative regions in France. This virtual 27th ‘region’ is intended to provide the other regions with the space and opportunity to design and develop innovative approaches to policy. Its goal is to foster creativity, social innovation and sustainability in public institutions, through community projects, prototyping and design thinking.