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Liberation Nuts

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The opening procession of the 2008 annual assembly of Liberation Nuts and the International Nut Producer Co-operative (INPC) in Kelakam, India. Liberation Nuts is a UK Community Interest Company, owned by nut producers (42 per cent) fair trade companies (35 per cent) and ethical investors (23 per cent). The nut producer share is owned by the INPC, an international co-operative with members from 11 nut producer
co-operatives, located in the Amazon region, Central America, southern Africa and Kerala, India. The INPC annual assembly is held at the same time as the Liberation Annual assembly and circulates among the countries of the co-operatives involved. The aim of the assemblies is not merely to make decisions about the current and future directions of the organisations, but to make ownership and people-to-people trade ‘real’ for all those involved.